Your Guide to Becoming a Truck Driver: Getting Started

Driving a truck is an exciting and adventurous career that can be very rewarding. The process to start driving, however, is a little different than most jobs. There are a few prerequisites that must be met before climbing behind the wheel and starting your career.

Pass the DOT Physical

First and foremost, you must be able to pass a DOT physical. There are certain health concerns that can prevent a driver from obtaining and keeping their license such as diabetes, epilepsy, and hypertension to name a few. There are several places the physicals can be obtained, which generally cost between $75 to $150. At GDA, we require both physicals and drug test be administered in-house.

Motor Vehicle Report

An MVR is a comprehensive look at your driving history and lists tickets, accidents, points, and license status is a necessity. Many companies request 5 years of MVR history. These documents can be obtained either online or at the local Department of Driver Services building. The fees for these reports are minimal, $6 for a certified 3 year and $10 for a certified 7 year.

Attend CDL Training School

Lastly, you must have formal training at an accredited learning center or school. Some companies will send you to their personal driving schools which requires you to sign a contract stating that you will drive for them a certain number of years. However, there are several academies, such as Georgia Driving Academy that not only is accredited, offers financial aid as well as job placement services. Georgia Driving Academy also offers Class A CDL , Class B CDL, and even a Refresher class. The academies are able to offer one-on-one training in the classroom and on the road with a proven hands-on curriculum.

After passing graduating from the Georgia Driving Academy and passing the state test, it’s time to find a job. Luckily, the Georgia Driving Academy has staff that works with recruiters from across the country to help place drivers that have graduated with reliable and steady companies. Drivers can feel comfortable knowing that they will be assisted in completing that next step in their career as a truck driver.

Still interested in becoming a truck driver? Stay tuned for Part 3 of the series!