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So, you’ve finally landed that trucking interview and you’re understandably nervous, anxious, and excited to land the job. But first, you’ll need to get past the interview screening process. Here are a few tips to help to ace the interview and land the truck-driving job you’ve been hoping for.

Dress to Impress

While this is not the single most important factor during an interview process, it can be the difference between getting the job and…well, not getting it. Just because you’re applying for a truck driving position doesn’t mean you can just show up in a ratty old shirt and ripped jeans riddled with holes and expect to land the job. When in doubt, wear your Sunday best. A collared shirt with buttons with some nice slacks and dress shoes should do the trick. Keep your hair nicely tamed and keep any facial hair at a reasonable length.

Bring Everything

Gather any and all documents your new employer may require in order to make a proper decision. Relevant documents will most likely include your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), your resume (more than one copy), your DOT (Department of Transportation) Medical Card, as well as a list of questions you’ll want to ask your potential employer at the end of the interview.

Have Your Work History Ready

During a truck-driving interview, you may be asked about your general work history. Every role you’ve worked in up until now will have an impact on how well you can do in this current role. This can also help your potential employer find a specialized trucking position for you.

Prepare for a Drug Screening

Typically, truck drivers have to pass an annual DOT Physical Exam, which includes a drug and alcohol screening. You may also be subject to random drug tests throughout the year. You may have to take one right after the interview process, so be prepared.



Explain when Asked

Anything on your driving record or background check that looks less than savory needs an explanation. Come fully prepared to explain what happened and why. Your potential employer will need to know what restrictions you might have, such as a DUI that prevents you from crossing state lines, or a potential probation violation if you leave the county. Leave nothing unexplained. If you’re unsure what’s on your driving record or background check, order copies before your interview so that you can properly prepare an explanation.

Learn all you can about the company you’re applying to and show them that you’re interested. That coupled with the tips mentioned above should catapult you to truck-driving interview success. If you’re ready to get started with your CDL Training, Georgia Driving Academey is ready to help. Contact us today to learn about our programs and the opportunities available for you.