Georgia CDL Refresher Course

Georgia CDL Refresher Course

For Drivers with at Least 1 Year Experience

The Refresher Program is designed for the Class “A” or Class “B” Driver with a minimum of 1 or more years driving experience within the previous three – five years. The training consists of a minimum of 20 to 80 hours of one on one instruction covering: Pre-Trip Inspection, Backing Maneuvers and Road Instruction. Additionally the training can be tailored to the needs of the student with log book instruction and specific areas of instruction selected.

Pre-Trip Inspection-Vehicle Definitions, Air Brake System, Tires and tire care, Engine & Trailer Fundamentals, etc.

Backing Maneuvers-Driver/Vehicle Safety, Preparing to drive (mirrors, seat, etc). Backing basics and advanced, Straight line, left & right offset, blind & driver side parallels, and 90 degree backing maneuvers, coupling and uncoupling procedures.

Road Instruction-Safe vehicle operation on the road, Shifting basics, patterns, and advanced, speed control and stopping, distance and lane management, city, rural and interstate driving.