Truck driving is an industry guaranteed to have a need for more drivers for the foreseeable future. Getting a CDL is obtainable with proper schooling and driver-training in as little as 4 or 5 weeks. However, don’t expect your first year to be a picnic or pad your bank account.

Just like other careers, an attitude of servitude and perseverance is needed to get through the beginning of your new career. Several long-time drivers were interviewed to learn what they felt were the hardest parts of a new driver’s first year and here is what they had to say.

You’ll probably spend the first months with a trainer

Two people in a small cab can become a little claustrophobic. Try to remain on friendly terms. Since you can’t drive alone yet, this also means two people sharing a sleeping berth – not ideal.

You need seat time to get experience

Sharing the driver’s seat in the beginning makes it a bit slower to gain experience. Your first year is going to be all about gaining experience. Just be prepared to take it slow and learn to do everything the right way.

Adjust your expectations and learn to live lean

Don’t expect too much as far as pay is concerned your first year. Yes, truck drivers are paid better than ever before, but you’re still a rookie. The average starting salary is around $40,000. Work on saving your money and getting as much experience as possible to keep getting those pay increases.

Minimize accidents! 

This is your best way to move ahead in the least amount of time. Pay attention to other drivers. Take precautions when backing into loading docks. Most accidents are avoidable and costly. Take your time and stay safe.


While paying your dues is something expected from newbies in almost every career fields, it doesn’t mean it will always be fun. Remember to maintain a positive attitude. The first year is the always the hardest but with the training at Georgia Driving Academy, you will be more than prepared to begin your new career. Work hard and stay safe!