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5 Steps for Proper Tire Maintenance in the Winter

Feb 19, 2018


proper tire maintenance during the winter

Winter weather usually means it’s time to change the tires. Caring for them throughout the winter is just as important as having them in the first place. Proper tire maintenance can mean the difference between safe travels all winter and the possibility of having an accident due to poor tire care. Here are five steps to properly maintain your winter tires this season:

  1. Keep tires rotated and inflated

    Checking your tire pressure is equally important and should be done at least once per month during the cold winter season. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, tires lose about 1 pound per square inch (or psi) of air pressure. Deflated tires reduce fuel mileage, can wear your tires out, offer less traction, and can lead to irreversible damage.

  2. Keep tires balanced

    The cold can have a disastrously harmful effect on your tires, going so far as causing them to crack in some instances if unbalanced. That’s why it’s always better to buy brand new winter tires, as opposed to used ones. The rubber is in better condition and will last longer.

  3. Remembering to keep tire valve caps on

    Failure to keep tire valves on can result in moisture inside the valve freezing and allowing air to leak. You’ll end up replacing your brand new winter tires before you’ve even properly broken them in and tires are expensive enough as it is.

  4. Keep tires aligned

    There are three different adjustments for tire alignments: caster, camber, and toe alignment. Maintaining your tires means knowing that the toe and camber settings are the most important to the wear of your tires. The camber setting is your tires’ vertical tilt. Winter tires have to be set to the proper camber settings to keep their tread and to ensure the wear is even. Check your truck’s preferred manufacturer’s setting to find out your truck’s ideal camber setting.

  5. Have your tires serviced

    Taking your truck in to get serviced on a regular basis can only lengthen the life of your tires, and helps to ensure that your air pressure and alignment settings are stable enough for the remaining winter months.


Caring for your tires is essential if you want them to do the job they were meant to do properly. That’s why it’s important to take care of your tires throughout the winter; it’s not enough to just get snow tires. Maintaining your tires properly will be extremely beneficial to you financially once the weather starts to change.

Looking to learn more about automotive care and/or a career in trucking? Georgia Driving Academy would love to help. Check out our programs page to learn about our offerings!

6 Tips on (Safely) Staying Awake Longer

Feb 13, 2018


tips on how staying awake longer during those long drives

Truck drivers work long hours driving several miles in a single day. This can mean little rest during the busiest days of the year. Staying awake and properly alert throughout the entire trip is vitally important to the safety of the driver and other motorists on the road.

Whether the long day is many short trips delivering goods around a single, smaller area of land or driving 1,000s of miles cross-country, it can make for long days. The following are 6 great tips to help keep you awake and alert throughout the day without causing you to be distracted while driving:

  • Take Periodic Breaks to Move About:

    When you stop periodically for restroom breaks, take that time to also stretch your legs. Even if it’s a brief 5-minute interval of walking or movement it can help keep your body lose and awake. Exercise keeps the body awake throughout the day and will help you sleep more soundly at night.

  • AVOID Energy Drinks:

    Sure, a Red Bull or Monster will jolt you awake, but later will come a sugar crash. Stop consuming these high-calorie, unhealthy drinks! Instead, it’s advisable to turn to something like coffee for a quick energy burst as it is not full of sugar.

  • Consume Adequate Protein:

    Consuming protein will ensure that your brain is receiving the quality fuel that your brain can use to remain awake and alert. In the rare cases, you are pulling an all-night shift or longer-than-normal shift. Your brain needs a lot more fuel. About 25% of the calories in the body can be used by the brain to keep it alert during these times. Protein is it’s first choice fuel so be sure to eat plenty of chicken, fish, pork, eggs, turkey, and other lean proteins to keep your brain fueled throughout your workday.

  • Avoid Contacts All Day:

    Contacts can dry out your eyes and make it harder not to squint. Therefore, it makes it harder to concentrate and focus on the road. If you know you have a tough deadline or long haul to meet, wear your glasses that day and bring rewetting drops to keep your eyes awake and alert as possible. This helps especially after dark when headlights and surrounding buildings give off harsh light.

  • Obey Your Company Rules on Hours Driven:

    Most companies will limit the number of hours a driver may work before he/she must rest. These rules are for your safety and that of others on the road. If you are not allowed to drive more than 10, 12, or any other number of specified hours, listen to the rule. It’s not only to keep you safe but to keep others on the road safe as well.

  • Keep a Cold Cloth or Water Bottle On-Hand:

    If you find yourself dozing off or drifting away while driving, keep a cold water bottle or cloth on hand that you can wipe over your face. The cold will jolt you awake, even if temporarily, to get you where you need to go more safely.


Remember that being awake and alert is vital not only to your safety but the safety of others that are on the road. At Georgia Driving Academy, we do more than just CDL Training. We also make sure our students understand the importance of safety while driving. Are ready to earn your Commercia Driver’s License? Contact us today to get started!

Don’t Give Up on Your 2018 Resolutions

Feb 1, 2018


don't lose hope on your new year's resolutions

On New Year’s Day, you looked down at your newly-written goals for the year and you were proud of them. If you could stick with all four, on December 31, 2018, you’d be even prouder. These resolutions would have made you a better version of you — better health, better personal relationship, better professional driver.

For some reason, you believed that motivation was your ticket to success. But last week, you didn’t work on a single goal – and it’s not looking too good for this week, either.

What’s up? The goals you chose are solid. You gave each one a lot of thought before you wrote them down. You still like every one of them.

Blame motivation. It’s not sustainable. It just won’t take you across the finish line.

You ask yourself: What now? Scrub the mission? Make a new list?

No, no, and no. There’s a much better way. It’s called…


Have you ever run into a friend, and after you’ve chatted for a few minutes, you or the friend says something like, “Hey, we’ll have to get together sometime soon.”

Think it’ll ever happen? Know what neither of you did before you said goodbye?

You didn’t set a date or place to meet. Without that planning, it’s a good bet you’ll never get together.

Same goes for your resolutions. Without an action plan, they’ll just sit on the page, going nowhere.

Pull out your list. How planning your goals might look:

    • Goal #1 – Getting regular exercise.

      When and where will you exercise? Next to the goal, write a time and a place: Every Tuesday and Friday, at the “Y,” swimming laps, lifting weights, or running their indoor or outdoor track. (Communities all over the U.S. have a YMCA. Check one out when you’re on the road.)

    • Goal #2 — Eating healthy foods.

      Jot down that you’ll shop every Friday morning at the nearest grocery store. Buy extra fruits and veggies and Non-GMO Project Verified snacks for times when you’re on the road.

    • Goal #3 – Improving your relationship with your life partner.

      Write down that you’ll go to the bowling alley; to the movies; to dinner; on a date, at least once a month when you make it back home.

    • Goal #4 – Growing in your career.

      Make notes of websites you can visit for news and information and when you’ll visit those sites.

    • Plan B —

      To keep yourself on track, for every goal, always have a Plan B for those times when driving takes you away from your routine at home.

New Year’s Eve 2018 will be that special day you foresaw way back on January 1st because you’ve done what you set out to do. You’ve stayed on track with your resolutions, and you’ve become a better you. All it took was a mindset change. Planning, not motivation. Putting your goals into action.

At Georgia Driving Academy, we love to help others meet their goals! Is one of your goals for 2018 to earn your CDL? We can help make that happen! Contact us today to learn more about our program offerings.

A CDL Opens the Door to More Than Over-the-Road Jobs

Jan 15, 2018


3 trucks you can driver with your cdlQuick! Name the job that first comes to mind when you see or hear the words “Commercial Driver’s License” (CDL)? Like most people, your mind immediately pictures someone sitting behind an 18-wheeler. In other words, you think of an “over-the-road” driver.

Yet, over-the-road driving isn’t for everyone.

Great news! You have options.

If there’s one thing you want in your “life toolkit,” it’s options. And the trucking industry has plenty of them awaiting you. But, first…get professional training. To be a successful professional truck driver, you need professional training. Did you know that trucking companies prefer to hire applicants who have graduated from a training program? From their standpoint, it assures them that, since you’ve invested in your future, it signals to them that you want to succeed. From your standpoint, it gives you a significant hiring edge over job candidates who haven’t been trained.

With CDL Training, you’ll be instructed by individuals who have been on the inside and know the industry. They know how to teach you about the rules and the laws governing trucking, and so much more. By the end of the training course, you’ll be ready to sit for your CDL test – and step into your first job in your exciting new career!

The trucking industry anticipates huge growth in the decade ahead. Somewhere around 90,000 driver jobs will need to be filled. Will you be one of them?

How about these five options?

  1. Drive a Straight Truck

    Driving for a local or regional company will often allow you to come home at night.

  2. Drive a Cement Truck

    Construction jobsites usually need to pour cement for various aspects of the project.

  3. Drive a Commercial Passenger Bus

    Not everyone wants to travel by air or rail, a passenger buses, including those that are chartered, offers a happy solution.

  4. Teach at a Driving School

    After you’ve racked up your own driving experience, head back to where it all started for you and teach the newcomers.

  5. Dispatch for a Trucking Firm

    Your experience as a driver makes you the ideal candidate to get drivers on the road, providing them with need-to-know delivery information.

If you’ve caught the fever and are ready to join the extensive American Trucking family, let’s get you started by contacting Georgia Driving Academy. Being your CDL Training with us and be on your way to a career in the truck driving industry.

5 Apps To Help You Manage Your Finances

Jan 11, 2018


different tips to managing your finances through your phoneAs a truck driver, being away from home doesn’t exactly make it easy to manage your money very well, or at all. Luckily, advances in technology in recent years have made organizing and managing your money fairly easy. Oftentimes, it can even be done right from your phone, provided you have a working smartphone or some sort of mobile device. There are dozens of resources available that can assist you with keeping your money safe and secure. There’s no better time than now to get serious about your personal finances. Here are 5 Apps to help you accomplish your money management.

  1. Mobile Banking

    The easiest thing you can do to get started is to find a bank that offers mobile banking, which shouldn’t be complicated. With most banks offering this convenient service, you can pay bills, deposit checks, and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device. Simply download the bank’s app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and create a mobile account.

  2. LearnVest

    By offering online tools to help you set up a monthly budget, LearnVest helps to keep your spending low when expenses are high. When you’re on the road most days of the week, expenses can add up pretty quickly. Setting up a monthly budget can help you track expenses and see where your money is going.

  3. Acorns

    Saving money just got a whole lot easier. Trying to remember to take out that extra $50 or so from each paycheck to put aside for a rainy day can be quite a hassle. With apps like Acorns, you can set up automatic withdrawals to a linked investment account. Instead of having to remember every paycheck, you can set it up once and forget it. All from the comfort of your truck.

  4. The Penny Hoarder

    Setting financial goals is essential to buying that boat you always wanted or fixing the furnace back home. It doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of blogs like The Penny Hoarder. The financial blog recommends setting goals and gives a step-by-step guide on how to do such. This blog also helps with other areas of personal finance, such as building an emergency fund, paying down debt, and planning for retirement.

  5. Mint

    Keeping track of your finances doesn’t have to be a headache. With apps like Mint, you can link several accounts, such as bank accounts and investment accounts. Mint provides financial summaries and updates about your financial snapshot on a regular basis. You can keep track of what bills to pay, how much you’ve saved, how much you’ve spent, and more.


At Georgia Driving Academy, we’re more than just a truck driving school. We want to make sure our students go on to have a successful career as a truck driver. If you’re looking to earn your CDL, we would love to talk with you and discuss your options.