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Truck Driving Graduates Hit the Road in New Careers

May 19, 2017


Check out a few of our recent CDL graduates! They came to school, worked hard, and are off starting in their new careers as truck drivers! We helped them find the job and employer that was right for them. Some of our student go OTR, some stay regional or even drive local! With our job placement assistance, most of them had multiple job offers to choose from after graduation! If you’d like to learn more about our Job Placement, give us a call anytime!

photo of GDA Conyers graduate Thomgelyn Salter holding a certificate of completion

Thomgelyn Salter just graduated from our Conyers campus with her Class A!! She decided to come to GDA to better her future, and had a job lined up with Coca Cola!

“All training was great, they take their time and manage it to your pace. With hard work is all helps!” – Thomgelyn Salter










photo of GDA honor graduate Kyle Snipes with his graduate certificate

Kyle Snipes heard from a previous GDA graduate that our school was great, so he came to check it out himself. Turns out, Kyle was a pretty great student as well – he graduated with Honors from our Class A program! He’s starting his trucking career with ROEHL and we think he’ll go far (literally!) and do really well for himself!

“What was my favorite part about training? The instructors were great!” – Kyle Snipes







photo of GDA graduate Said Arero with his graduation certificateSaid Arero has friends who are truck drivers, and thought he would follow suit. He came to GDA for his Class A CDL at the referral of a friend, and ended with great job with Werner!



Types of Trucking Jobs: OTR Trucking

Apr 20, 2017


View of highway traffic from the truck


If you are just starting to learn about trucking, you may not be entirely familiar with all of the different types of trucking jobs. One of the most common trucking jobs is over the road, or OTR trucking. OTR trucking is also known as long-haul trucking. It refers to driving loads very long distances. OTR truckers are often not home for weeks at a time. This can make things very difficult if you have a family. However, it is a good option for single drivers. Many people like the freedom and the opportunity to travel and see new places. Others appreciate the increased compensation that comes with driving very long distances. Some truckers don’t like it, while others find OTR trucking to be a perfect fit. To learn more about this type of trucking so that you can determine if it’s right for you, read on.

The Solitude of OTR Trucking

As with other aspects of OTR trucking, the large amounts of time spent by yourself when OTR trucking is perfect for some, and not quite the right fit for others. You will have the opportunity to meet amazing new people every day as you get paid to travel around the country. However, you will spend as many as 20 hours a day alone in your truck. If you’re the kind of person who likes to drive and listen to music while enjoying the peace and quiet of the situation, OTR trucking may be the right job for you. If you get lonely easily, it may not be the right fit.

The Pay for OTR Trucking

The pay for OTR trucking is relatively high. This attracts many drivers to the job. A first year OTR trucker can expect to make as much as $45,000, while a second year driver can make as much as $55,000. Keep in mind that many drivers live out of their trucks, and do not pay rent or mortgage payments. OTR trucking can be very lucrative.

Start the Process of Becoming an OTR Trucker

You can start becoming an OTR trucker today by signing up for trucking school at our website. We offer the best combination of price and quality in the Cincinnati area. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Is truck driving school worth it?

Apr 12, 2017


Different truck in a row

If you’re looking for a career where you can earn a great salary with great benefits quickly, you’ve probably come across truck driver training. But is it really worth it? There are two aspects of the answer to this question. Is truck driving school really worth it in financial terms, and is trucking school worth it in terms of the lifestyle truckers have. Most people do find that truck driving school is worth it. Many people really enjoy the compensation and lifestyle that trucking can provide. To learn more about the pay and the life of a trucker, read on.

The pay for truckers

The pay for truckers is quite good relative to the qualifications necessary for the job. Of course, you do not have to go to college to be a trucker. You simply have to go to trucking school, which is much shorter and cheaper. Once you have completed trucking school, you can immediately make up to $45,000 a year. This is more than most college grads make after they graduate. Of course, the amount of money you can make only increases as you gain trucking experience. As early as your second year, you could be making as much as $55,000. Also, your expenses may be decreased. Many long-haul truckers live out of their trucks, so they don’t pay rent or a mortgage.

The lifestyle of a trucker

If traveling and personal freedom are important to you, trucking may just be the perfect job. Truckers get paid to drive all over the country. They meet new people and see new places almost every day. This is even more attractive than the pay for many people. Of course, the lifestyle does have its drawbacks. The traveling means that it is difficult to have a family. However, many truckers start taking drive local jobs when they have a family. These jobs allow them a great deal of family time.

Sign up for trucking school today

If what you’ve just read sounds good, you may want to sign up for trucking school! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Conyers Class A CDL School Students Complete Training!

Apr 5, 2017


We’ve got a new group of featured CDL Training graduates! Congratulations and good luck out on the road!

GDA Grad Debbie Rivers

GDA Grad Debbie Rivers

Debbie Rivers wanted to become a professional truck driver, and when a friend told her about GDA’s hands-on training, she decided to enroll. She really enjoyed the one-on-one training time and learning from the instructors. Congratulations on completing the 3 week training program, Debbie! We’re so proud of you!

GDA Grad Edmond Hall

GDA Grad Edmond Hall

Edmond Hall was looking for a better future for himself and his family. The Conyers location was close to his home and had high reviews online, so he decided to enroll in our truck driving school. He really enjoyed learning new skills and completed the program in just 3 weeks! Edmond has received offers to drive for Maverick, TMC, ROEHL and McElroy! Way to go, Edmond! Stay safe on the road!

GDA Grad Justin Atkinson

GDA Grad Justin Atkinson

Justin Atkinson has always loved the trucking industry, so when looking to start a new career, he decided that the high demand field was just what he was looking for. He was referred to GDA by a close friend and completed our training in just weeks! Justin’s favorite part about training was the amount of time he had in the driver’s seat and the great instructors! He looks forward to driving for Schneider after graduation! Awesome work, Justin!

GDA Grad Anthony Andrews

GDA Grad Anthony Andrews

Anthony Andrews wanted to make a life change, so he enrolled in our Class A CDL training program. It was close to home and he had heard good things about the school. His favorite part about training was the knowledgeable instructors. Congrats, Anthony! Good luck on the road!

GDA Grad Dana Wright

GDA Grad Dana Wright

Dana Wright wanted a new career and found GDA to have one of the fastest courses available. He really enjoyed learning from our instructors and looks forward to driving for Decker Trucking Lines! Great work, Dana! We’re so proud of you!

Truck Driver Training: Separating Fact from Fiction

Mar 14, 2017


Pictured are trucks driving along the road with the GDA logo

Many people consider truck driver training as a career path, but allow common misconceptions to discourage them. That’s understandable because trucking jobs aren’t available without training and certification. It’s a skilled labor force and you can’t just walk into human resources and walk out with a job and a set of keys. But if you’re considering earning a CDL license at the Georgia Driving Academy, here are five common misconceptions that may be good to know.

Need My Own Truck

Actually, the trucking industry is a mixed bag of independent contractors who own and operate their own rigs and companies who hire drivers on an hourly basis. In many ways, the industry is like general construction where some people are hired for a specific job and others earn a weekly salary working for a company.

Companies Make You Work Crazy Hours

The era of long-haul drivers staying up all night, drinking coffee and taking no-doze are a thing of the past. Federal safety standards for commercial motor vehicles limit a driver to a maximum 11-hour work day. That’s less than a shift and a half. For long-hauls, a driver can only operate a vehicle for 70 hours in an 8-day span.

No Home Life

Over-the-Road drivers tend to slide into designated routes that put you on the road for weeks at a time. However, the growing retail distribution segment of the industry continues to increase shorter runs. Less travel tends to increase time spent at home.

Not A Job For Young People

Age is a valid observation about truck drivers. The average age of a driver runs over 50 years old. While there are many younger drivers, the 50-somethings are nearing retirement. Those positions will need to be filled, which makes truck driver training a good career move.

Hard to Get a Job

The misconception that you need to know someone or it’s hard to break into the industry are false. There has been a growing shortage of truck drivers for more than a decade. In 2015, the industry was down about 48,000 drivers, an increase of 10,000 from the previous year. Breaking into the field has never been easier!

Georgia Driving Academy can put you on the fast track to a new truck driving career! Give us a call or fill out or form to request free information!