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The Ultimate Guide to Must See Truck Driving Vlogs!

Mar 8, 2019


At the end of a tough day, what a commercial truck driver sometimes needs is a good laugh over the same mistakes they used to make or someone to commiserate with over the same mistakes they still make…or better yet, someone to show them how to avoid those mistakes in the first place.

Truck-driving vlogs are an excellent source of information, but they’re entertaining as well. Put together by truckers who know the ins and outs of the business as well as some who have seen the craziest, well, you can’t go wrong turning into a few. Below is a list of some the newest, brightest and most popular vlogs out there. Enjoy!

1. Big Rig Videos

Big Rig Videos is the brainchild of Christopher E. Fiffie, a former “heavy hauler” according to his bio. He’s been building his audience since 2009 and now has more than 44 million views and 125,000-plus subscribers. His videos currently top the list for big rig viewing. This vlog focuses on the heartbeat of the industry, featuring owner/operator interviews, rolling CB conversations and more.

2. The Smart Trucking Channel

Since 2012, the Smart Trucking Channel has been supporting professional drivers in whatever way they can. The vlog offers tips and advice for the commercial trucker from professional truckers. Videos feature all makes and models, new, old and the classics.

3. The Truckers Coach

The Truckers Coach provides the tools for professional truck drivers to be successful in the trucking industry. They offer a variety of classes aimed at solo and team drivers. With more than 450 videos from which to choose, drivers can find tips and solutions for any situation they face.

4. Driver Solutions

Want to start a career as a truck driver? A CDL skills and training course is a must. But watching a few videos certainly can’t hurt along the way. This channel provides training, tips, and tricks needed for a new truck driver training to pass their CDL test.

5. Trucker Josh VLOGS

Trucker Josh lives a crazy truck-driving life…and he documents it! Traveling across the USA and Canada leads him into some sticky and interesting situations that will entertain any driver. Racing trains, dog rescues, derailments and more, this is a must-see for truck drivers.

6. Lil Dawg

While Trucker Josh may hit the open road, Lil Dawg spends his days traversing the streets of Chicago. With more than 670 videos relating to truck-driving life in the Windy City, Lil Dawg is an up-and-coming vlogger on the trials and travails of the big rig life.

While not a complete list of trucker vlogs, this will get you started. Got your own favorite? Let us know and we will add it to the list! GDA is here to help you with your trucking needs.

Truck Driver Training: Separating Fact from Fiction

Mar 14, 2017


Pictured are trucks driving along the road with the GDA logo

Many people consider truck driver training as a career path, but allow common misconceptions to discourage them. That’s understandable because trucking jobs aren’t available without training and certification. It’s a skilled labor force and you can’t just walk into human resources and walk out with a job and a set of keys. But if you’re considering earning a CDL license at the Georgia Driving Academy, here are five common misconceptions that may be good to know.

Need My Own Truck

Actually, the trucking industry is a mixed bag of independent contractors who own and operate their own rigs and companies who hire drivers on an hourly basis. In many ways, the industry is like general construction where some people are hired for a specific job and others earn a weekly salary working for a company.

Companies Make You Work Crazy Hours

The era of long-haul drivers staying up all night, drinking coffee and taking no-doze are a thing of the past. Federal safety standards for commercial motor vehicles limit a driver to a maximum 11-hour work day. That’s less than a shift and a half. For long-hauls, a driver can only operate a vehicle for 70 hours in an 8-day span.

No Home Life

Over-the-Road drivers tend to slide into designated routes that put you on the road for weeks at a time. However, the growing retail distribution segment of the industry continues to increase shorter runs. Less travel tends to increase time spent at home.

Not A Job For Young People

Age is a valid observation about truck drivers. The average age of a driver runs over 50 years old. While there are many younger drivers, the 50-somethings are nearing retirement. Those positions will need to be filled, which makes truck driver training a good career move.

Hard to Get a Job

The misconception that you need to know someone or it’s hard to break into the industry are false. There has been a growing shortage of truck drivers for more than a decade. In 2015, the industry was down about 48,000 drivers, an increase of 10,000 from the previous year. Breaking into the field has never been easier!

Georgia Driving Academy can put you on the fast track to a new truck driving career! Give us a call or fill out or form to request free information!

Keep those New Years Resolutions: Health on the Road

Jan 17, 2017


How to stay fit while driving OTRKeeping your better health goals does not have to take a back seat when you are over the road truck driving. However, the hours seated behind the wheel present a challenge. To boost your overall wellness, think creatively and remember to make yourself a priority.

Perform In-Place Exercises

Seated in the truck, complete isometric exercises to boost your metabolism and overall strength. For instance, contract your abdominals for 10 seconds then release and repeat to increase your core strength as you drive. In a similar manner, squeeze and release your backside to strengthen your glutes. Press one hand at a time onto the roof to strengthen your shoulders. Pull yourself toward the steering wheel and then release to tone your back.

Drink Water

To improve your overall health, proper hydration is key. Water provides the liquid cells need to transport nutrients throughout your body. In addition, water decreases your risks for headaches, fatigue and confusion.

Break up Exercise into 10-Minute Segments

10-minutes walks three times a day are as effective as one 30-minute walk. So, when you take a break to eat a meal, spend the first 10 minutes walking. Use a pace that increases your heart and breathing rates. In the long run, these minutes add up and improve your heart health, burn calories and aid in weight loss.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Make healthy food choices so you do not add to weight gain. Choose fruits and vegetables that keep you feeling fuller longer and are low in calories. Also, your body needs the vitamins and minerals to repair and grow.

Maintain Strong Mental Focus

Over the road trucking already requires mental strength. You have a goal and you focus on reaching it. Use that same focus to reach your health and wellness goals. Avoid excuses and make the most of your time behind the wheel. Your body reacts to what your mind tells it and you can accomplish your fitness goals. Equally important is choosing to set small, daily goals that are achievable such as walking for 10 minutes three times a day.

December Grads Wantuadi, Grice and Latimore Complete CDL Training

Jan 10, 2017


Congratulations! This group of graduates just completed the 3 week CDL training program at Georgia Driving Academy!

Featured December Georgia Driving Academy Grads

GDA Grad Lotutlala Wantuadi

GDA Grad Lotutlala Wantuadi

Lotutlala Wantuadi wanted to become a professional driver, and he says that Georgia Driving Academy was the right place to get the knowledge and skill set needed to become one! With a little encouragement from our own Mr. T, Lotutala said he received all of the information he needed about how GDA could help him start his new career and enrolled right away. He said the instructors taught hands-on and were always there to help. They applied different teaching approaches if you experienced challenges along the way. Lotutala has been approved to drive for 4 different companies but says he will probably choose to drive for Werner! Congratulations! Good luck on the road!

GDA Grad Dannie Grice

GDA Grad Dannie Grice

Dannie Grice enrolled in truck driving school with a goal to one day become an owner operator. With excellent 5 star reviews, he knew GDA was the place for him. He enjoyed getting the chance to hop in the truck and practice the maneuvers in the yard. After graduation, Dannie lookes forward to driving for PTL and Transam! Congrats, Dannie!!

GDA Grad David Latimore

GDA Grad David Latimore

David Latimore turned to CDL training because he was looking for a new start. He turned to Georgia Driving Academy because he has family members that had actually attended the school in the past. He enjoyed meeting new people throughout training and looks forward to driving for McElroy after graduation! Way to go David! Stay safe out there!

Help us in congratulating each of these individuals for all of their hard work and dedication over the past few weeks. We look forward to seeing where you truck driving career will take you!

Featured October CDL Grads Weatherspoon and Butler

Oct 27, 2016


Check out our featured CDL Training graduates! Congratulations and good luck out on the road!

Featured Georgia Driving Academy October Graduates

GDA Grad Marlan Weatherspoon

GDA Grad Marlan Weatherspoon

Marlan Weatherspoon recently completed the Class A CDL program at Georgia Driving Academy – Conyers. When looking for a new career, Marlan decided to turn to truck driving because he had friends and family in the industry. He chose to GDA because it was close to home at an affordable price. His favorite part about training was getting the chance to hit the road and drive the trucks. He looks forward to driving for Western Express in the near future! Congratulations, Marlan and good luck on the road!

GDA Grad Dexter Butler

GDA Grad Dexter Butler

Dexter Butler recently graduated from the Georgia Driving Academy – Conyers campus. Dexter has always loved traveling and seeing new places, so truck driving school provided the perfect opportunity to do just that! When friends spoke highly of Georgia Driving Academy, he decided to enroll. His favorite part of training was the new friends he met during training. Congratulations, Dexter! Good luck on the road!